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Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.
—William Arthur Ward

The field of medicine is constantly changing and as radiologists, it is very important to keep abreast with the current literature in order to be of better service to both our patients and referring clinicians. We are fortunate that every quarter for the last three years, we have been receiving a new issue of JAOCR to help us in this process. Since its introduction in 2012, our journal has gained tremendous support and following from the radiology community largely due to its education-focused format tackling pertinent, current, and must know topics in various subspecialties of radiology. Its open access, online format makes it even more appealing because it makes for a seamless search, appropriate for a busy radiology practice.

In this Pediatric Radiology issue, the authors present the current imaging trend on some of the more frequently encountered disease processes in children, ranging from intestinal obstruction, respiratory distress, and abdominal and intracranial masses. In the first review article titled, “Patterns of microcolon: imaging strategies for diagnosis of lower intestinal obstruction in neonates”, I collaborated with my colleagues from St. Luke’s Medical Center; Nathan Concepcion, Mariaem Andres, and Rafael Dizon to present a practical approach to diagnosis based on barium enema examination. In the second review article, “Imaging of neonatal lung disease”, Jonathan Wood and Linda Thomas skillfully present an important topic which some radiology residents often find challenging. Our colleagues from Dayton Children’s Hospital; Dawn Light, Frances Pianki, and Elizabeth Ey wrote a case report providing us a systematic approach to imaging diagnosis of abdominal masses in infants. The case report written by Matthew Minor and William O’Brien offers a detailed assessment in differentiating pineal region masses in children. The “Viewbox” articles on medulloblastoma by Valerie Hostetler and Claire C. Widule, as well as the article on posterior reversible leukoencephalopathy syndrome (PRES) written by Betsy Cheng and myself are classic examples of such intracranial abnormalities.

I would like to thank the JAOCR and Dr. William O’Brien for this honor and opportunity to serve the radiology community as a Guest Editor. Dr. O’Brien has been a very supportive mentor throughout the process and I am certain that JAOCR will continue to flourish under his watchful guidance. I would also like to thank all of the authors in this issue for their hard work and outstanding contributions. My sincere gratitude also goes to my colleagues, fellows, and residents at St. Luke’s Medical Center, Philippines for their unwavering trust and support. Not to forget, I would like to thank my family for their unconditional love, support, and understanding.

It is with great pride that I present to you the current pediatric imaging issue of JAOCR. I am certain that these articles will help you in your practice and I hope you enjoy reading them.

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January 2015: In This Issue.  J Am Osteopath Coll Radiol. 

By Bernard F. Laya, D.O.| April 13, 2015
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Bernard F. Laya, D.O.

Bernard F. Laya, D.O.

Dr. Laya is with the Institute of Radiology, St. Luke’s Medical Center - Quezon City and Global City, Philippines.


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