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In July 2012, William E. Shiels, D.O., served as guest editor to the JAOCR in its first year. That same year, I attended his lectures at an AOCR conference and discovered that I too wanted to serve as a pediatric interventional radiologist. As a small token of gratitude to his legacy, I dedicate this issue to his memory.

I would like to thank Editor-in-Chief Dr. Wale for the opportunity to serve as guest editor for this issue of JAOCR and for his commitment to moving this journal forward. I would also like to recognize the heavy lift that Editor Emeritus Dr. O’Brien made to get the journal off the ground in the early years. Thanks also goes to the editorial board and AOCR staff, who support this outlet for our college and colleagues.

In this issue, we visit various topics in pediatric radiology and hopefully leave insights for our radiology colleagues to reference in their en counters with the pediatric population. The first review article covers vascular malformations in an effort to recondition the ubiquitous “hemangioma.” Keeping in mind that our reports often trigger reactionary responses from our clinical colleagues, our “impression” should add value and support clinicians in making the best decision for our patient.

In our second review article, Drs. Sung and Lai describe neuroblastoma and provide a detailed approach to staging this common pediatric malignancy. This review serves as a reminder that our knowledge of pathology and, therefore, approach to treating patients, is ever-changing. What was, may no longer be, and it should be our goal to give families the most current care possible.

Imaging is one of many tools to deliver a diagnosis, and often narrowing the differential is the best we can do. With that in mind, we present short, high-yield, case-based reviews of an abdominal mass in the female pediatric abdomen by Dr. Dao, et al, and a patellar bone lesion by Dr. Nahl, et al. Finally, we round out the issue with two rare cases of portosystemic shunt and Parkes Weber syndrome, for which an early imaging diagnosis can change the course of patient care and outcome.

I finish with the same sentiment Dr. Shiels left us with nine years ago: We hope these small examples of pediatric radiology encourage you toward the never-ending pursuit of knowledge and to always keep focus on the patient behind the image.

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Beydoun T.  In this Issue: July 2021.  J Am Osteopath Coll Radiol.  2021;10(3):4.

By Tammam Beydoun, D.O.| August 31, 2021
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Tammam Beydoun, D.O.

Tammam Beydoun, D.O.

Director, Pediatric Interventional Radiology, Department of Radiology, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Orange, CA


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