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I would like to extend my gratitude to Dr. O’Brien and the JAOCR for the opportunity to serve as guest editor of this pediatric radiology issue of the JAOCR. I have enjoyed working with Dr. O’Brien, my pediatric radiology colleagues, and radiology residents. I involved many of the osteopathic residents from this allopathic program to demonstrate to them our vibrant and active osteopathic radiology community. My hope is that this project will encourage them to pursue more osteopathic opportunities and further contribute to our community.

The review topics are meant to serve not only the general radiologist reading pediatric cases, as in gastrointestinal emergencies, but also to pique interest in exciting and new modalities, such as PET/MRI. Case presentations include a pediatric intracranial mass and pancreatic mass, along with appropriate differential diagnoses and an interesting final diagnosis based on pathologic findings. Finally, the Viewbox cases serve to demonstrate an often-confusing presentation of a common entity and further elucidate the use of PET/MRI in pediatric patients.

I hope that you will enjoy, learn from, and be inspired by this edition of the JAOCR. The further I am in my career, the more I realize how much I have to learn. Pediatric radiology is an amazing field with continued growth, learning, and exploration. My hope is that this issue will inspire you to continue that journey.

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Lampl BS.  In this Issue: January 2017.  J Am Osteopath Coll Radiol.  2017;6(1):4.

By Brooke S. Lampl, D.O.| January 23, 2017

About the Author

Brooke S. Lampl, D.O.

Brooke S. Lampl, D.O.

Dr. Lampl is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiology at the Imaging Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH.


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