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I would like to thank Dr. Wale and the JAOCR for giving me the opportunity to serve as a guest editor for this neuroradiology issue. It has been my privilege to work alongside my colleagues at the University of Oklahoma on this project. I also would like to thank the authors for their time and hard work.

This issue addresses several topics in neuroradiology with the general radiologist in mind. The first review article, by Dr. Borden, covers surface anatomy of the brain in detail. Accurate localization is paramount, and this article provides the tools to correctly place pathology. This review can also be used as a quick reference during a busy workday.

I wrote the second review article “Absence of the Normal Posterior Pituitary Bright Spot in Children.” This article discusses the posterior pituitary gland and the pathologic processes that cause the normal bright signal within the gland to disappear. These cases can be challenging because it is not uncommon for the lesion to be very small. On occasion, the only imaging feature initially detected is absence of the normal posterior pituitary bright spot.

The case review by Dr. Choudhry, “Cystic Lesion of the Mandibular Ramus,” tackles the challenging topic of odontogenic lesions. The review presents a framework on how to approach cystic odontogenic lesions. The case review by Dr. Memon and Mr. Khan, “Rare Developmental Brainstem Abnormality,” discusses several developmental posterior fossa abnormalities. Many of these disorders may go undiagnosed prior to imaging.

Two interesting JAOCR at the Viewbox cases wrap up the issue. Dr. Lal presents a recently described rare pediatric brain tumor: polymorphous low-grade neuroepithelial tumor of the young (PLNTY). Dr. Alhyari shows a case of subpial hemorrhage in a newborn, which is a rare type of hemorrhage primarily seen in young children.

I hope you enjoy this issue and find it beneficial in your day-to-day practice. I personally have learned a great deal while preparing this manuscript.

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Cornwell, BO.  In this Issue: April 2021.  J Am Osteopath Coll Radiol.  2021;10(2):4.

By Benjamin O. Cornwell, D.O.| April 22, 2021

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Benjamin O. Cornwell, D.O.

Benjamin O. Cornwell, D.O.

Assistant Professor of Radiology, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine Neuroradiology Section Chief, Department of Radiological Sciences, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center


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