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During the last few decades, cardiac imaging has evolved from relying on radiographs and fluoroscopy to a discipline primarily based on advanced cross-sectional imaging and molecular imaging techniques. Capitalizing on innovations, technology and unique techniques, this field unites previously diverse medical specialties and areas of expertise. It is the pleasure of the authors to provide the readers with glimpses of the spectacular spectrum of this distinguished subspecialty. The purpose of this issue is to deliver an approach to identifying and understanding common and not-so-common cardiac entities found in radiological practice.

Drs. Poletto, Mallon, Stevens, and Avitabile provide an impressive review of aortic arch and pulmonary artery variants. This work supplies state-of-the-art imaging illustrations and serves as a comprehensive reference guide to anyone involved in imaging congenital thoracic vascular diseases.

The current state of coronary CT angiography for management of acute chest pain in the emergency department is skillfully summarized by Drs. Rydzinski and Weg. This deft review not only provides the up-to-date clinical rationale for performing these examinations, but also equips the reader with its intricate technical background and imaging interpretation criteria.

A challenge of abnormal myocardial enhancement as commonly encountered in daily practice is discussed by Drs. Legasto and Waite. This impressive case review defines a framework of the first line MRI differential diagnoses pertinent to this phenomenon.

Drs. Newman and Meisner have masterfully reviewed the importance of a calcified mitral annular mass. Surprising nuances of imaging and clinical characteristics await the reader in this case review.

An interesting Viewbox article by Dr. Kim provides an insightful snapshot of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. An intriguing article in this rubric by Dr. Salamon features surprising facets of myocardial noncompaction.

On behalf of the authors, I would like to express sincere gratitude to the AOCR Board, Journal, reviewers, editors, and publishers for their tireless work and support of the radiological community. Our special thanks go to Dr. William O’Brien for his guidance and encouragement. This issue would have been impossible without his energizing motivation. As a result of Dr. O’Brien’s vision and unwavering perseverance, the standards of the JAOCR continue to soar each year.

As I write this preface, I reflect on long hours spent by the authors working on this issue. I hope this work will provide the reader with greater insight into the complexities and benefits of cardiac imaging.

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Guelfguat M.  In this Issue: April 2017.  J Am Osteopath Coll Radiol.  2017;6(2):4.

By Mark Guelfguat, D.O.| March 31, 2017

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Mark Guelfguat, D.O.

Mark Guelfguat, D.O.

Dr. Guelfguat works with the Department of Radiology, Jacobi Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY.


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