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I would like to thank Dr. Wale and the JAOCR for allowing me to serve as guest editor for this issue. Dr. Wale deserves high praise for his seamless transition into the JAOCR editor-in-chief position from the exceptional Editor Emeritus Dr. William O’Brien.

This JAOCR issue is unique in that it highlights the Annual Exhibits from the 2018 AOCR Annual Meeting. This meeting was an enormous success providing excellent educational content and social interaction for everyone who attended. Authors of the top Annual Exhibits from the conference were invited to submit to this issue, which highlights the involved residents and their institutions.

The first review article focuses on musculoskeletal radiology and examines the imaging findings of carpal instability. Drs. Treiman, Strle, and Matthews wrote an excellent review that will assist radiologists in understanding the fundamental wrist anatomy and common patterns of injury.

Our second review article covers hindfoot pain and the MRI findings associated with the differing etiologies. Heel pain is a common complaint among the general population and is imaged frequently. Our goal is to assist the general radiologist in moving beyond the basic diagnosis of hindfoot pain to understand the more uncommon etiologies and their associated MRI appearance. This was written by my colleagues Drs. Cheney, Smith, and Brooks at the OSU Center for Health Sciences.

Our last review article is on cavitary diseases of the lungs. Drs. Cho, Lee, and Vassiliou review the differential diagnosis and imaging findings of pulmonary cavities. The foundation of this Annual Exhibit was the common mnemonic “CAVITY,” which is used as a guide to review the differing etiologies and how they present on imaging.

Our Viewbox articles were based on the Annual Exhibits presented by the radiology residents and faculty at the Beaumont Farmington Hills Department of Radiology. The residents Drs. Boyd and Cameron-Morrison were instrumental in putting together the articles, Parotid Gland Myxofibrosarcoma and Fibroma of the Tendon Sheath.

I am thankful for all the authors and their essential contributions. My hope is that our issue entices radiology residents, faculty, and practicing radiologists to attend the AOCR meetings in the future and submit their research and educational material for future Annual Exhibits.

Last and most importantly, thank you to my wife for her steadfast love and support. Without her I’d be lost in the woods.

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von Borstel D.  In this Issue: October 2019.  J Am Osteopath Coll Radiol.  2019;8(4):4.

By Donald von Borstel, D.O.| September 27, 2019
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About the Author

Donald von Borstel, D.O.

Donald von Borstel, D.O.

Dr. von Borstel is Subspecialty Chief of the Musculoskeletal Division and Residency Program Director Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences, Tulsa, OK.


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